Palapa Joe's Menus

Traditional Mexican Dishes and Signature Selections

An Eclectic Menu

At Papala Joe’s we pride ourselves in scratch cooking using the freshest ingredients available.

While our menus have evolved over time, we strive to offer an eclectic menu that blends elements of old fashioned comfort food, combinations of Cajun and Asian cuisines, modern Californai cuisine and traditional Mexican.

Our house specialities are Crunchy Chicken Tacos, Cajun Pot Stickers and Grilled Thin Crust Pizza.



  • ensalada de la casa/house salad…50
  • con pollo/house salad with chicken..85
  • ensalada cesar/caesar salad…60
  • ensalada cesar con pollo/caesar salad with chicken…85
  • ensalada pj/romaine with crumbled bacon, tomato and onion with avocado ranch…65
  • ensalada china/chinese chicken salad…80
  • ensalada del chef con jamon o pollo/chef salad with ham or chicken…100
  • ensalada camaron/shrimp salad served on romaine lettuce or in an avocado…125


  • blt con papas/bacon, lettuce and tomato served with french fries…70
  • salchicha italiana/italian sausage with peppers and onions served with cole slaw…75
  • sandwich de club con papas/club served with french fries…85
  • sandwich de albondigas/meatball parmesan…75
  • sandwich de queso asado con papas/grilled cheese served with french fries…60


  • de la casa sopa azteca/tortilla soup chica…35
  • chica con pollo/45 – grande…50
  • grande con pollo…60
  • tostada con pollo/tostada with chicken…60
  • tazón de arroz con pollo o con pescado/rice bowl with chicken or fish…75
  • enchiladas/enchiladas with cheese…70
  • enchiladas with chicken…85
  • flautas de pollo/lightly crisped flour tortillas stuffed with chicken…75
  • taquitos de pollo/lightly crisped corn tortillas stuffed with chicken…75
  • chimichanga with chicken…85 with steak…100 with shrimp…120
  • fajitas with chicken…85 with steak…100 with shrimp…120
  • arrachera/marinated skirt steak served with guacamole…140


  • crunchy chicken tacos/sesame, almond and chile crusted chicken with mango jalapeño slaw…100
  • arrachera tacos/grilled arrachera with peppers and onions…100
  • baja tacos de pescado/tempura dipped fish with cabbage…90
  • baja tacos de camaron tempura dipped shrimp with cabbage…120
  • tacos de pollo/grilled chicken with cilantro and onion…75


Con papas o ensalada/served with fries or salad

  • hamburguesa/hamburger…70
  • hamburguesa con queso/cheeseburger…75
  • hamburguesa de pescado/fish burger…80
  • hamburguesa de pollo/chicken burger…75
  • hamburguesa furioso/jalapeno, pepper jack, bacon and grilled onions…80
  • hamburguesa jane/bacon, blue cheese and grilled onions…85


(servida con arroz y veduras/served with rice and vegetables)

  • pescado en filete con ajo o a la diabla/fish filet with garlic or hot sauce…110
  • pescado en filete verucruzana/ fish filet veracruz style…120
  • pescado en filete empanizado o en tempura/fish filet with panko or tempura…120
  • camarones con ajo o a la diabla/shrimp with garlic or hot sauce…140
  • camarones coco con miel/coconut shrimp with honey…150
  • canasta de los camarones/basket of breaded shrimp with onion rings…150
  • gambas chinas/shrimp stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon…160

Grilled Thin Crust Pizza

Chica, mediana, grande

  • pizza vegetariana (aceitunas negra, cebolla, championes, chile moron queso y salsa jitomate)… 70/120/220
    pizza with black olives, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, cheese and tomato sauce pizza
  • todo (aceitunas negra, cebolla, championes, chile moron, pepperoni queso y salsa jitomate)… 80/150/250
    pizza with black olives, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce
  • pizza de pepperoni (pepperoni, queso y salsa de jitomate)… 70/120/220
    pizza with pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce
  • pizza especial (crujientes bolitas de carne, aceitunas negra, cebolla, queso y salsa de jitomate) 70/120/220
    pizza with crumbled meat balls, black olives, onion, cheese and tomato sauce
  • pizza mexicana (chorizo, jalepeno y jitomate queso y salsa de jitomate)… 75/130/230
    pizza with chorizo, jalapenos, tomato, cheese and tomato sauce pizza
  • hawaiiana (jamon, pina, queso y salsa de jitomate)… 70/120/22
    pizza with ham, pineapple, cheese and tomato sauce
  • pizza bbq (pollo, chorizo, alchofa, queso, salsa bbq y salsa de jitomate)… 80/150/250
    pizza with chicken, chorizo, artichoke hearts, cheese, bbq sauce and tomato sauce
  • pizza italiana (salchicha italiana,moron, cebolla, queso, salsa de jitomate)… 80/150/250
    pizza with italian sausage, peppers, onions, cheese and tomato sauce